Up in the Air

When I moved back to PA, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my time. Middle of nowhere doesn’t offer much for entertainment. But I had made a crack at a friend who went on and on about his drone photography when he was living in Hawaii.

“Is this your way of saying kites are too basic?” I asked him. Well, it felt funnier when I first thought of it.

As it turns out, kites in fact are too basic for me. I bought a DJI. Specifically, I got the DJI Mini SE 2, mostly because of this review from The Verge. It was light and fast and easy enough to get started with.

Susquehanna River, Clarks Ferry, PA
Farms in Big Valley
My father hard at work on his tractor
Town Square, Lewistown PA
Laurel Canyon Resevoir
Lauren Canyon Resevoir

Those last two shots, I had them framed.

Couple of things I learned:

I can’t wait for spring and summer. Pennsylvania has some gorgeous landscapes to capture.