A front-end engineer with over a decade of experience building web

Well, I'm Charlie. For the last decade I've been building the web and helping teams build for the web. I've worked with teams big and small to ship impactful products and prototypes. Fostering growth with people and the product we're building remains one my favorite challenges. I'm a big believer in increasing the caliber and solidity of a codebase while finding a way to ship and iterate quickly.

Recently, I moved back to the East Coast after living in the Pacific Northwest for almost 10 years. It should go without saying that I'm deathly afraid of Godzilla monsters. If confronted with such, I cannot accurately predict my behavior.

Preferred Stack

I've been working with React, React Native, Next.js, GraphQL, TypeScript, for the better part of the last decade at this point. Additionally, I'm timidly learning Rust to expand my horizons and Go because it's absurdly useful.Oh yeah, and I've built REST APIs and GraphQL APIs in Node.js and love unit testing and tooling.

Side Projects

  • Downwrite, a Next.js-powered markdown sharing tool.
  • Trivially, a trivia game I created during the pandemic that's both challenging and entertaining.

Right now I'm building an RSS reader for the modern web with AI features and a multi-platform Fediverse dashboard.


This space has been left intentionally blank.