Cis is Not a Slur

Yeah, yeah, Rocket Man said a thing to appeal to his ultra conservative followers. And because he is the lone ruler, lord chancellor and oligarch of the Bird Site, he can unilaterally change the definition of hate speech on that platform. Bully for him. Compound that with gut punch of the Supreme Court decision on “303 Creative v. Ellenis”, it’s enough to ruin the last few days of Pride Month.

There is no argument that you could possibly string together to make calling someone “cis” or “cisgender” a slur. “Cis” is not a slur. Thinking of it as a slur tells people more about you than it does about anyone referring to you that way.

Language is constantly changing. We need to describe ourselves in different ways. When society needed language like “transgender” to describe someone who didn’t conform or align to the gender they were assigned at birth, logically we needed an antonym. Hence, we got the word “cisgender”.

It’s not slander, it’s not a slur, it’s a now common way of describing the reality that existed. Pretending otherwise is just going to keep making you look foolish. It’s also going to continue to be a marker of a platform being unsafe, unwelcoming and run by a buffoon. A buffoon, moreover, we should all hope builds a colony on Mars, takes of his helmet and breathes a deep sigh of relief that he’s away from all these words he doesn’t like.